Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Site!

Hi everyone! I've finally got the new site live. You can now visit us at:

Thursday, January 31, 2008

About the CnK Giveaways

Crocheters and Knitters, on the whole, are incredibly creative people. We are, so don’t deny it! But we no longer only crochet, or only knit, anymore. We’ve also become spinners, dyers, felters, jewelry makers, and more! See? We’re talented! We’ve also been known to have a bit of the generosity in us. I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, but we’ve seen it scattered all over the place. We haven’t convened in one area to truly, and collectively, dump our generosity on each other. Why is that? How come something hasn’t been done about it? Perhaps you fell asleep with your hooks and needles tucked tightly in your fists? You were likely peacefully dozing, dreaming of yarn and a petting-zoo sheep that you chased with a pair of shearing clippers, while Brianna remained awake, wholly sleep deprived, hallucinating about a lovely new world. That new world, darlings, was a wonderland of goodie bags passed between the hands of fiber-artists, hobbyists and crafters. A world where we gave away extras of things we own, or patterns we created, or stitch markers we fought pesky wire and adornments to make, all so that we could give them away to people we knew–absolutely knew–would appreciate what we have to give. Initially, it will be only us; as a group we'll pass giveaways between each other. In the future, however, Marly and I really want to bring in some small businesses, perhaps corporate/commercial businesses, and have them sponsor a few giveaways. We love the idea that, perhaps, The Loopy Ewe would offer gift certificates, or Interweave would offer some latest releases, provided we who enter the giveaway leave comments for the companies to read regarding their products or websites. This could be a great opportunity for traffic to both small and large sites. (note: If you or your company want to sponsor a giveaway, please click the link to your right that says, "Want to sponsor a giveaway?") So, okay, it’s true that this could have used more planning and less sleep deprivation, but you know what? A number of things were thought up, concocted, and founded in that restless, clouded frame of mind; many of them went on to great success! I think, if you join Marly and me, this could be another one of those successes.